What It Does

CareWire makes communicating with patients fast, easy, and totally secure.

CareWire is safe and HIPAA compliant

No PHI is exchanged via text. Using secure messaging, texts sent through CareWire provide a convenient, one-click gateway into secure web applications.

It works quickly and easily — no downloads, no apps, no hassle. By clicking on a link in the text message, patients automatically initiate a secure web application.

how to improve patient satisfaction

Connect immediately with patients

Texts reach patients better than any form of communication — across all age ranges and every socio-economic status — delivering the information needed to support patient adherence to treatment instructions.

Communicate and educate through a secure web application

A simple click on a text can open a secure web application where customized surveys, education, instructions, and health reporting can happen.

Increase revenues and decrease costs

Personal, precise and more effective communication that lets you reach more patients with fewer resources and keeps patients on track before, after, and throughout the management of care.

Deepen patient loyalty and increase satisfaction

Timely communications make life easier for patients and provide you with real-time feedback on services.

Improve outcomes

Patients who are informed and engaged have better outcomes. Care instructions, education, and reminders show up precisely when needed.

CareWire helps you improve performance, enhance patient outcomes and deepen loyalty.