Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareWire?

CareWire is a mobile messaging system that your healthcare provider uses to communicate helpful education, instructions and reminders at precisely the moment you need to know something about your care.

Why am I receiving messages from CareWire?

Your healthcare provider has authorized CareWire to send you helpful education, instructions and reminders regarding your care and treatment using your mobile phone number. CareWire only sends messages to patients who have provided express authorization. You can immediately stop the messages by responding “STOP” at any time.

What kind of messages will I receive? Will I be asked for personal information?

Your healthcare provider will send general messages, such as appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys via text messaging. Should more specific medical information be required, you will be sent a link via text message that will take you to a secure web application where you can safely view or enter this information.

How do I subscribe to CareWire?

Your healthcare provider will supply CareWire with your mobile telephone number and other pertinent information.  As part of the terms of your existing relationship with your healthcare provider, you will automatically be invited to participate in CareWire.

Is there a cost for using CareWire?

CareWire uses a combination of text messages and web applications to deliver information over mobile networks. Standard messaging and data rates will apply to these messages. Contact your mobile phone provider for details.

How do I unsubscribe from CareWire?

To opt-out from CareWire, you can text “STOP” to 66746 from your mobile phone at any time and we will unsubscribe you immediately.

How do I re-enroll in CareWire after texting “STOP”?

To re-enroll in CareWire, you can text “START” to 66746 from your mobile phone at any time and we will re-enroll you. You will then be eligible to receive future communications from your provider.

How can I get help?

For help, please e-mail us at You may also request CareWire’s contact information from your mobile phone at any time by texting “HELP” to 66746.

What would prevent me from receiving messages?

Check with your phone carrier to ensure that there is not a short-code block on your phone. Additionally, if you use a pre-paid phone, make sure that you have a supply of message credits.

Can I send messages regarding my care with this service?

There may be some questions that require a response; however, your reply is voluntary. Only those messages requiring a response will be seen by your provider. Please do not initiate messages to your provider through this service.

CareWire helps you improve performance, enhance patient outcomes and deepen loyalty.