CareWire Messenger: Custom Solutions

Activate Patients with a Tailored Approach

With extensive healthcare experience, our team understands how to co-design effective solutions that integrate with existing workflows. We’re a nimble team with a proven record of building high-impact custom solutions that are based on our powerful platform, which was designed to be highly flexible and adapt quickly. Below are just some of the custom solutions we’ve created. Have an idea for your organization? Give us a call. We’d love to collaborate.

Provider Notifications

We support several healthcare organizations by alerting their providers of the following day’s schedule including the time of the first procedure and the total number of encounters for the day ahead.

Wellness Programs

We worked with a subject matter expert to develop a tailored wellness program that included a multi-week schedule of educational content, calls to action, and interactive opportunities.

Mobile App Adoption

We helped a national service provider advance its goals to drive adoption of a mobile application by presenting patients with a prompt to download the app and a personalized activation code.

Patient Self-Scheduling

We worked with a regional health system to provide patients a personalized link the day after an appointment that allows them to self-schedule their next follow-up appointment. After clicking the link, the patient is presented with calendar options showing the provider’s availability on the expected date of service.

Enhanced Contact Center Interactions

We developed a custom interface for a regional health system that allows over 250 call center agents to push out site-specific content on locations for care and wait time status.

Attrition Reduction Campaign

We piloted an initiative urging members to re-enroll in their health insurance. Using well-timed reminders, the pilot achieved an 80% success rate, compared to the 45% average.

Tailored Outreach for High-Stress Patients

We developed a customized messaging strategy to provide tailored outreach that improves outcomes for patients who have specific life stresses and a history of low engagement.

Day-of-Procedure Support for Family Members

We worked with an academic medical center to develop simple tools that could replace pagers in waiting areas, with admission staff and clinical teams using the solution to send real-time updates to family members throughout a procedure.

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