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CareWire Messenger: Patient Connect

Interactive, Real-Time Patient Conversations

Reaching patients with appropriate, timely communications – and responding to their questions – has typically been a time-consuming process. Nurses and scheduling teams report they often try 3-4 times to call each patient before a call is answered, and they’re unable to connect with some patients altogether. Our text-based mobile communication solution, CareWire Messenger: Patient Connect, reduces this time and allows you to instantly reach patients.

Unlike other messaging systems, Patient Connect enables two-way communication. When patients respond to your messages, your team is able to easily write back with a personalized touch. If a patient responds to a text while the office is closed, your customized auto-responder will let the patient know you will respond during business hours.

For patients who need clinical support, you can quickly triage to a phone call or a virtual visit. And since most text messages are read within two minutes of receipt, patients have the option to pick up the phone immediately.

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Along with everyday care and appointment reminders, Patient Connect gives your organization the opportunity to explore wellness coaching, smoking cessation, weight loss, and other new programs easily – without a significant investment. Simply expand your team’s use of Patient Connect to new topics and communications. Patient Connect also enables easy communication to populations of patients in case of delays or weather-related closures.

“CareWire has changed the way we communicate with our thousands of clients. In the past, case workers would spend countless hours simply trying to get clients on the phone by sending letters or leaving voicemails – often with no response. Now … many clients respond within minutes of receiving a personalized message.”

­— Deb Holmgren, President, Portico

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