CareWire Messenger: Readmission Risk Reduction

Help Prevent ER Visits and Readmissions

Avoiding readmissions is a leading goal for hospitals, payers, and individuals – and it’s one that has a major impact on costs and financial reimbursement. Yet calling all patients after discharge can be incredibly time-consuming, and it doesn’t allow you to focus on those who need it most. CareWire Messenger: Readmission Risk Reduction can help.

Readmission Risk Reduction uses a simple diagnostic that’s tailored to your organization’s requirements to quickly assess a patient’s treatment plan adherence and likelihood to readmit.

Here’s how it works:

Shortly after discharge and periodically throughout their recovery, the patient automatically receives a procedure-specific diagnostic to assess progress and ensure understanding of the treatment plan.

Readmission Reduction Program | CareWire Inc.

Based on patient responses and customer-specific business rules, CareWire Messenger alerts care team members when a patient requires follow-up – including immediately conducting a virtual visit using Patient Connect.

The majority of patients provide timely responses to the diagnostic, reducing care team workload and helping them target the right patients for follow-up at the right time.

This is a proven solution driving up to 30% reduction in readmissions for our customers.