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CareWire Messenger: Satisfaction Insights

Improve Patient Satisfaction. Drive Referrals.

Want real-time feedback on how your patients feel about their experience? CareWire Messenger: Satisfaction Insights makes collecting quantitative responses as well as personal comments easy. It supports a range of survey types from simple SMS/text questionnaires to more in-depth web surveys.

Thumbs Up
Positive feedback

Reach out to patients and encourage
them to post reviews on Yelp or Google –
a step that can significantly improve
your web presence and reputation.

Lukewarm feedback

Follow up with a short survey
to find out what would have made
the experience a 10.

Thumbs Down
Negative feedback

Quickly address service improvement
opportunities and maximize patient
retention. 1 out of 3 detractors respond
that they want to speak with you to
share their feedback and help
improve your level of service.

Satisfaction Insights can help you gather feedback much faster than traditional surveys. Some of our customers are receiving and acting on patients’ feedback before they have even left their campus. This speed of insights gets you feedback in time to make a difference in the event of a less than positive experience. And it includes rich analytics that help your organization understand how satisfaction rates differ by provider, encounter type, appointment day/time, and patient demographics.

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“[CareWire] is a great way to visualize my patients’ experience with my providers. It has become a part of my daily routine.”

— John Whisney, Director, Ridgeview Clinics, Ridgeview Medical Center

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